Unfinished/Accidents: Art About Serendipity

Featuring 59 artists from 20 states, and 3 countries, including me!

I’m excited. This is a must see, don’t miss out, you’re going to love it, type event. Go virtual: Attend online. Social distancing observed.


All jury-selected works will be featured online and in the Manifest Gallery Annual for Season 16.

Manifest Gallery’s exhibition-in-print

Lighting Mash-up by Robert Koss, INOG+HA 4 catalog

Lightning Mash-up in print: INPHA 4, p.84

about the INPHA 4
For this fourth International Photography Annual, Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, received 935 submissions from 274 artists in 27 states, Washington D.C., and 6 countries. The publication includes 76 works by 61 artists from 18 states and 5 countries including England, Canada, Germany, China, and the United States. Written works by Frank Mercado and Eric Rennie are also included. Lightning Mash-Up – one piece of my Smash-up Series – is on page 84.

The Manifest Gallery seeks to engage students, professionals, and the public from around the world through accessible world-class exhibits, studio programs, and publications centered on the broader visual arts.

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