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Unfinished/Accidents: Art About Serendipity

Featuring 59 artists from 20 states, and 3 countries, including me!

I’m excited. This is a must see, don’t miss out, you’re going to love it, type event. Go virtual: Attend online. Social distancing observed.


All jury-selected works will be featured online and in the Manifest Gallery Annual for Season 16.

CQ 57: 100 Best

Eindecker Erased by Robert Koss.

Good news. The artwork I submitted to Creative Quarterly is featured in the 100 Best Annual 2019 publication due out in hardcover this month.

My digital images Eindecker Erased, along with Bréquet 14 Mash-up and Owl Hue Mash-up are featured in the Creative Quarterly, Issue 57, which is available online now and for pre-order to purchase the publication.

Take a virtual tour in the CQ Online Gallery to view the work of 100 artists selected for the annual. To see my work, browse or enter “Koss” in the Gallery 57 search bar.

Creative Quarterly is an international journal focusing on promoting the best work in graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art.