About: Robert Koss

Under the Mask


Works of art by Robert Koss challenge the popular expectations of photography as a representational, objective and even two-dimensional art form. His vision of photography is informed by the recognition of the illusionary space created by the camera. This “photographic space” appears real and dimensional but is a two-dimensional image. It is a perceptual paradox that invites touch but is untouchable, suggests depth but is flat. True to his style of interpretive abstraction, Koss remains actively engaged in changing and expanding the medium, combining advances in technology with the creative impetus to explore new and impressive ways of seeing.

A past recipient of New York City’s Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship in Photography, Robert Koss has exhibited his artwork for many years including shows at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. His photography is featured in the Creative Quarterly 57 and the Creative Quarterly’s 100 Best Annual 2019.

Robert Koss Retrospective: Take a virtual tour at All About Photo Magazine under Modern Photographers and Photographers A-Z.

Send emails and inquiries to: robert.koss@artattacksla.com

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