Smash-up Duo Dinah and Arado at LACP’s ‘Expanding Boundaries’

Arado Flash and Dinah Mash-up,  the high-flying pair of digital photographic compositions that are part of the Smash-up/Mash-series, were selected for Expanding Boundaries, the third annual fine art exhibit at the Los Angeles Center for Photography.

Both images will be featured in the virtual online gallery display on LACP’s website.

Join me for the artists’ reception on Saturday, May 25, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, located at 1515 Wilcox Ave. in Hollywood. The show runs through June 22, 2018.

The exhibition is juried by Scott B. Davis,  artist and founder of the Medium Festival of Photography.  In the Juror’s Statement, Davis notes the exhibition offers a window into the state of photography in 2018.

“The exhibition spans much of the history of photographic processes including traditional darkroom work, images that include mixed media, and those made entirely with digital technology. Themes consistent throughout the exhibition include mystery, imagination, history, and bold uses of the medium itself.”

The Los Angeles Center for Photography is a contemporary gallery in Hollywood established in 2013 to build a community of dedicated photographers and to strengthen the importance of photography as an art form. This is achieved by providing education, scholarships, grants, exhibits, public programs and events, focused programming for youth and low-income families, and community outreach.

More information at


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