Electron Salon Artist’s Reception 1.14.2017

Dinah Mash-up at The Electron Salon at LACDA.

Electron Salon 2015 at LACDA.

Electron Salon 2017, a digital art group exhibit,  opens January 12,  at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts. I am one of the artists in this eclectic exhibit.

Join me for the artists’ reception on Saturday, January 14, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, located at 104 E. 4th Street in downtown Los Angeles. The show runs through February 11, 2017.

The Salon exhibit will feature artists focused on digital art and photography. This exhibit will be in the largest of four separate exhibit areas, which features a wall that is 30 contiguous feet wide and 12 feet high. The opening is expected to be high energy and well attended.

The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is a contemporary gallery in downtown L.A. dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, digital photography, new media, digital video art, net art, digital sculpture, interactive multimedia, and the vast panorama of hybrid forms of art and technology that constitute our moment in culture.

More information at www.lacda.com.


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