RAW: an exploration of the unframed


Art appreciation:  Smash-up/Mash-up series at The Manifest Gallery group exhibit, which ran December 11 through January 8 in Cincinnati,Ohio.

Here we go again. Smash-Up/Mash-up series is making the rounds. This is the fourth exhibit to feature this layered, dimensional expression in digital photography.

Join me for the artists’ reception at RAW, a large international group exhibit opening at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art on Saturday, March 19. I am one of the exhibiting artists in this eclectic exhibit.

The artists’ reception takes place Saturday, March 19, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, located at 104 E. 4th Street, in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit runs March 16-April 9, 2016.

Check it out.

The Digital Scene at Electron Salon

Dinah Mash-up at The Electron Salon at LACDA. Digital art draws crowds at the Electron Salon at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Photos: LACDA Director Rex Bruce on Facebook. Album: Receptions October 2015.

Electron SalonDinah Mash-up, center at left bottom row, takes her place in the eclectic exhibit at the artist’s reception October 17.