Refraction Series: The geometry of mirrors

Retrospective 2013: The Refractions Series was a featured installation of the “Visual Evidence” exhibition at the Marlborough School’s Seaver Art Gallery  in Los Angeles.

Process is used as a framework to create my images.

I like to set up a concept where I have to react against an element so the result is in some way a surprise. I have been interested in how shape can suggest depth in my past work.

The Refraction Series employs mirrors cut in geometric shapes to reflect the environment.

I had pieces of mirror cut into geometric shapes and photographed the reflections in the mirror. I had an idea what I wanted the image to be. I wanted it to be man-made and have a geometric shape to it. I looked for something that either contrasted or complemented the shape of the mirror. I wanted an image the viewer could contemplate and get a visual experience, similar to viewing a Rothko painting.

Photography is a record of the capturing of reflected light so the mirror seemed a perfect symbol of that and my work is always concerned with what photography is.

Using the camera to capture an implied depth that I am searching for. Making use of shape and angle to suggest depth in the finished photograph. This adds to the feeling of believability in a photograph.

The shape of the mirror can complement or contrast with the image refracted in it, highlighting the geometry present. The camera captures reflections of light to form images, just as the mirror does.

The world, with both, is viewed through an arbitrary geometric construct. The photograph fixes the refraction in time.

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