‘Deuce Folded’ at TAM Odyssey

Deuce Folded / Artist Robert Koss

Deuce Folded by Robert Koss
Inkjet on canvas 17″ x 13 3/4
Deuce Folded uses playing cards, cloth, the scanner as camera to construct “magic acts” that are physically impossible but appear

Torrance Art Museum Advocates (TAMA) presented the Torrance Art Museum’s 10th anniversary fundraising gala on September 12, 2015. Guests had the opportunity to purchase artworks from 300 artists who have exhibited at the museum over the past decade. All works were offered for purchase for $100. Proceeds will support future museum renovations and help expand the museum’s arts and education programs.

Art Scene: Torrance Art Museum's 10th Anniversary Gala

Art Scene: Torrance Art Museum’s 10th Anniversary Gala

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